Consular services offered at the Kenya Mission include:

  1. Issuance of Visas  
  2. Issuance of Kenya Passports 
  3. Issuance of Emergency Travel Documents
  4. Assisting Kenyans in distress
  5. Registration of Kenyans in Switzerland
  6. Facilitate issuance of birth certificates for children born abroad and duplicates of birth certificates.
  7. Facilitate issuance of Duplicate Marriage Certificate
  8. Facilitate issuance of certificate of “no impediment to marriage”
  9. Facilitate declaration by dual citizens and regaining Kenyan citizenship
  10. Facilitate issuance of Police Clearance Certificate/ Certificates of good conduct
  11. Authentication of documents issued by the Kenyan government
  12. Legalization and Certification of Documents
  13. Issuance of Pet Import Licenses
  14. Issuance of Affidavits
  15. Issuance of duplicate death certificate and documentation for transportation of deceased Kenyans

Please note that if you wish to receive any of the services mentioned above, the relevant fee is to be first transferred into the Mission’s bank account (mentioning the type of document you are applying for and your name). The payment may be made through e-banking or at the post office.

Proof of payment and a cover letter/explanatory note with your full contact details must be included in the application.