Biometric e-Passport Information

Application for a new passport must be done well in advance, at least SIX (6 )MONTHS before expiry of the passport or your intended date of travel.

Kindly note that all successful applicants for Kenya passports made through the Mission will be issued with the current series of Kenya passport that are not Biometric e- passport and which may not be acceptable for international travel/use after 31st August 2019.

Currently, applicants for passports who wish to obtain a Biometric e-passport must physically present themselves at the Department of Immigration Services in Nyayo House, Nairobi in order to allow for the capture of their Biodata. The Biometric e-passports have a validity period of ten (10) years from the date of issue during which time they are acceptable for international travel/use. Applicants are encouraged to obtain the Biometric e-passports from Nairobi, where circumstances allow.

 In the meantime, the Government is making arrangements to roll out the issue of biometric e-passports at various regional offices both within Kenya and in the Diaspora and will periodically inform of progress.