Consular Services Offered to Kenyan Citizens

Please note that if you wish to apply for any of the documents through the post, the relevant fee is to be transferred into the Mission’s bank account (mentioning the type of document you are applying for and your name).  Proof of payment is to be included in the application.  You also need to include an explanatory note with your contact details.

Check the "list of required documents" in the “Visa Regulations & Requirements” section of the website for more information on bank transfers.

When applying for a document that is issued by the authorities in Kenya (e.g. "Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage"), verify with the Swiss authorities whether they want this document to be legalized.  If this is the case, you will need to have the document legalized by the Kenyan Foreign Affairs ministry ("Legal Division") and subsequently by the Swiss Embassy in Nairobi. (This service is not provided by the Mission in Geneva).

Application and Renewal of Passports

Passport Requirements
  • Documentary evidence of Kenya Citizenship i.e. Naturalisation, Registration, and Birth Certificates & ID/Card original and copies.
  • Photographs of the applicant taken full face, without head-scuff or wigs. The photographs must have been taken within the last six months of the date of passport application.Photographs may be black and white or coloured and must not be mounted. The size of the photographs must 2 by 1½ inches, machine photos are not acceptable. Photograph Guidelines
  • In case of married woman-documentary evidence of marriage e.g. Sworn Affidavit, marriage certificate.
  • In case of children /people under the age of 21 years of age, written Consent from Father or legal guardian unless one is a member of the Armed forces.
  • The Application must be recommended in section '6' by a citizen of Kenya such as Minister of religion, a Minister or Legal Practitioner, an established Civil Servant or Bank Official personally acquainted with the applicant, but not by immediate relatives.
  • Applicant must be Bona Fide Kenya citizen.

One may apply for a new passport 6 months before expiry.

Similarly anyoner who wishes to amend or change names either through marriage, divorce or deed poll should also apply for a new passport at the Mission.

Applicants are advised to obtain the new passports valid for 10 years. No passports shallbe renewed after the five year expiry period.

New Passport (Valid for 10 years)

Fee chargeable

32 PagesCHF 90.00
64 PagesCHF 150.00
Diplomatic PassportCHF 150.00
Replacement of Lost PassportCHF 250.00
Replacement of Mutilated PassportCHF250.00