Please note that if you wish to apply for any of the documents mentioned here below through the post, the relevant fee is to be transferred into the Mission’s bank account (mentioning the type of document you are applying for and your name).  Proof of payment is to be included in the application.  You also need to include an explanatory note with your contact details.

When applying for a document that is issued by the authorities in Kenya (e.g. "Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage"), verify with the Swiss authorities whether they want this document to be legalized.  If this is the case, you will need to have the document legalized by the Kenyan Foreign Affairs ministry ("Legal Division") and subsequently by the Swiss Embassy in Nairobi. (This service is not provided by the Mission in Geneva).

Note of Attestations

Kenyan nationals who wish to request any kind of attestation from the Mission, need to present their valid Kenyan passport and/or Kenyan ID card, and if possible also their Kenyan birth certificate.  If the attestation is required by the Swiss authorities, they also need to present an official request from these authorities.

The Embassy issues attestations in English only.

Applicants wishing to obtain an attestation are advised to make an appointment.

Note of Kenyan Birth Certificates

The Mission wishes to point out to holders of a Kenyan birth certificate that they are not supposed to hand over their original certificate to the Swiss authorities. Particularly the Swiss authorities assume that it is easy to get duplicate birth certificates or to get a more recent one, and tend to keep the Kenyan birth certificate once they have received it.

If the authorities ask for the certificate, or for a more recent one, the Mission can make true certified copies for their use (gratis). The Mission can further issue an attestation which confirms that people born in Kenya are only issued with an original birth certificate once in their life time, and are to keep it with them in all circumstances.

Requirements for Obtaining a (Duplicate) Birth Certificate

In order to apply for a (duplicate) birth certificate through the Kenya Mission in Geneva, the following are required:

Birth certificate for a Kenyan child born in Switzerland
  • Birth registration form can be obtain at the Mission)
  • Copies of relevant pages of parents’ passports and birth certificates, duly certified by the embassy
  • Copy of child’s Swiss birth certificate, with English translation
  • CHF 20 processing fee.
Duplicate Birth Certificate
  • Photocopy of original birth certificate;
  • Statement explaining loss of original;
  • Search form (download from the website or obtain at the Mission)
  • CHF 20 processing fee.

Birth certificates are issued by the

Department of Civil Registration
P.O. Box 49179-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20-2714987/8

Requirements for a Kenyan National wishing to Marry a Swiss National

Country of Marriage:

The Swiss national must have his/her birth certificate, proof of marital status and other relevant documents translated into English, and both the original documents and their translation are to be legalized by the Bern, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Kenyan Mission will subsequently legalize the documents so that they become acceptable in Kenya.


The Swiss national must confirm with his/her local authorities which documents are required by Swiss law, including the ones mentioned below.

Documents Required by the Swiss Authorities

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

Issued upon request by the Swiss authorities to Kenyans who wish to marry in Swiss to show that they are legally free to marry. Issuance may take several months. In order to apply for the certificate through the Mission in Geneva, the following are required:

  • Copy of the valid Kenyan passport.
  • Copy of the fiancé (e)’s ID card or passport.
  • Request from the Swiss authorities, or application letter.
  • Application form, which can be downloaded from the website or obtained at the Mission.
  • Payment of CHF 130 fee.


The certificate can also be applied for directly from the

Department of the Registrar-General
P.O. Box 30031-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20-2227461

Please note that the certificate must be legalized by the Kenyan Foreign Affairs ministry and subsequently by the Swiss Embassy in Nairobi.