All Kenyans are advised to register at the Mission by availing the following information: 

  1. Full names.
  2. Profession/Occupation, whether gainfully employed or not jobless or in self-employment/full nature of work.
  3. Physical address of residence/office/place of work.
  4. Postal address/Address used to receive letters.
  5. Employer details, if any.
  6. Two telephone numbers for immediate contact when necessary.
  7. E-mail address.
  8. Names and telephone contact numbers of relatives and friends both in Kenya and Switzerland, in case contact is necessary during an emergency.
  9. Fill in the Registration form and send it to the Mission by post office or email to

The Mission will acknowledge receipt, keep the information confidential and use it judiciously only when necessary.



Kenyan nationals who wish their documents to be attested to at the Mission need to present their valid Kenyan passport and/or Kenyan ID card, and if possible also their Kenyan birth certificate.  If the attestation is required by the Swiss authorities, they also need to present an official request from these authorities.

  1. Cover letter showing full names and contacts of the applicant. The letter should clearly explain the nature of the service being requested for.
  2. Original document issued by the competent authorities and the requisite copies.
  3. Certified copy of Kenyan ID card or passport.
  4. A self- addressed and stamped envelope if the document has to be sent back by post.
  5. Evidence of payment into the Mission account of fees of Chf 20 for each document. 

In favor of:  CH74 0027 9279 C810 6822 0
Permanent Mission of Kenya to the United Nations
Avenue de la Paix 1-3
CH – 1202 Geneva
Compte: 80-2-2



The Embassy will issue attestations in the English language only. Documents that are in a language other than English must be accompanied by certified translations into the English language. The Mission does not offer translation services.

Applicants wishing to obtain an attestation are advised to make an appointment and appear in person at the Mission with documents that have a certified English version. 


 The Mission does not issue affidavits in lieu of marriage certificates. Affidavits for other situations may be issued on a case basis, provided that the subject of the affidavit may not subject the Mission to liabilities under the laws of either Switzerland or Kenya. The contents of the affidavit must be in conformity with Municipal, National and International law.

  1.  Cover letter showing full names and contacts of the applicant. The letter should clearly explain the nature of the service being requested for.
  2. Certified copy of Kenyan ID card or passport.
  3. The applicant must be physically present before the Consular officer.
  4. Evidence of payment into the Mission account of fees of Chf 20 for each Affidavit.



The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has made it possible for Kenya Citizens only to submit finger and palm prints online through the Automated Palm and Finger print Identification System/APFISThe APFIS is linked to the e-Citizen and enables the Police clearance Certificate to be computer-generated and sent to the applicant online once the Forensic Analysis is complete. Applicants may confirm the authenticity of the Certificate generated by sending the word DCI to 21546 and receive the full names of the applicant, the PCC No. and the ID No.

Applications received through the Missions from both Kenyans and non-Kenyans alike should enclose the following requirements:

  1. The applicant’s complete set of rolled and plain finger and palm prints taken by a Police Authority in the Country of residence/Switzerland at the time of application.
  2. The Police Authority must confirm the identity of the applicant and endorse official signature, stamp and seal
  3. A cover letter explaining why the document is required.
  4. Application form duly completed in duplicate and returned to the Mission along with the original set of the finger and palm prints.
  5. Finger print and palm print form with full prints and palms taken and certified by the Swiss police (obtained from the nearest Police Station in Switzerland).
  6. A certified copy of current pages of the passport showing the Bio-data details and the page with the endorsement of the Kenya residence permit if the applicant is/was a resident.
  7. A certified copy of current residence permit or the permit used during the period of stay in Kenya. The copy should clearly show the Immigration file Number during the period of residence in Kenya.
  8. Copy of Kenyan residence permit (at the time of stay).
  9. For Kenyan Nationals certified photocopy of the current generation I.D Card.
  10. A fee of Chf 30 payable to the Mission of Kenya via post office or Bank transfer.
  11. A self-addressed and stamped envelope for postage of the certificate.

The processing time may take up to 3 months and more. Applications may also be sent direct to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, P.O Box 30036, Nairobi-Kenya, Tel +254 20512090



The Mission wishes to point out to holders of a Kenyan birth certificate that they are not supposed to hand over their original certificate to the Swiss authorities. The Mission has noted that Swiss authorities assume that it is easy to get duplicate birth certificates or more recent ones thus tend to retain the Kenyan birth certificate upon receiving it, leaving the bearer with nothing for future use.

Kenyans are advised that should the Swiss authorities ask for the original certificate or for a more recent one, the Mission will readily make true certified copies for use free of charge (gratis). The Mission will further issue an attestation to confirm that people born in Kenya are issued with an original birth certificate only once in their life time and are to keep it in all circumstances.

Requirements For Obtaining A (Duplicate) Birth Certificate

In order to apply for a (duplicate) birth certificate through the Kenya Mission in Geneva, the following are required:


Birth Certificate for a Kenyan Child Born in Switzerland

The Constitution entitles Citizens to the right to any Registration document issued by the State provided the following are met:

  1. Cover letter showing the names and contacts of the applicant and requesting for the birth certificate.
  2. Duly filled in and signed birth registration forms obtainable at the Mission or online at
  3. Copies of relevant pages of the mother’s passport.
  4. Copies of the father’s passport.
  5. Certified copies of the birth certificate of the mother duly certified by the embassy.
  6. Certified copies of the birth certificate of the father duly certified by the embassy.
  7. Copy of child’s Swiss or the international birth certificate, with a certified English translation.
  8. Evidence of payment into the Mission account of CHF 20 processing fee.


  1. Cover letter showing the names and contacts of the applicant and requesting for the birth certificate.
  2. Certified copy of original birth certificate.
  3. A Police Abstract showing the report of loss or a statement explaining the circumstances of loss of original or Search form (download from the website or obtain at the Mission).
  4. CHF 20 processing fee.

Birth certificates are issued by the

Department of Civil RegistrationP.O. Box 49179-00100Nairobi, KenyaTel: +254-20-2714987/8e-mail: director@crd.go.keWebsite:



  1. Registration application form duly filled in and signed available at
  2. Certificate of death of the Kenyan occurring abroad issued by the appropriate authority in the country where the death has occurred. A certified translation into the English language is necessary if the original is in a language other than English.
  3. Proof of Kenya citizenship vide a certified copy of ID card or passport.
  4. Fees of Chf 20 paid into the Mission account.
  5. For duplicate/replacement certificates, a copy of the previously issued birth or death certificate, copy of notification of birth or burial permit as the case may be, copy of search form and evidence of payment attached to the application form will be required.



Country Of Marriage: Kenya

The Swiss national must have his/her birth certificate, proof of marital status and other relevant documents translated into English. Both the original documents and their translation have to be legalized by the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs and subsequently passed to the Kenya Mission to legalize them so that they become acceptable/admissible in Kenya.

Country of marriage: Switzerland.

The Swiss national must confirm with his/her local authorities which documents are required by Swiss law, including the ones mentioned below.

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

May be issued upon request by the Swiss authorities to Kenyans who wish to marry in Switzerland in order to show that they are legally free to marry. Issuance may take several months. In order to apply for the certificate through the Mission in Geneva, the following are required:

  1. Two certified copies of the valid Kenyan passport.
  2. Two certified copies of the fiancé (e)’s ID card or Swiss passport.
  3. Request from the Swiss authorities, or a cover application letter explaining the reasons for requiring the certificate.
  4. Two sets of application forms, which can be downloaded from the website  or  be obtained at the Mission.
  5. Two certified copies of birth certificate.
  6. Payment of CHF 130 fee.
  7. A self-addressed and stamped envelope for return of the certificate upon being received from Nairobi.

The certificate can also be applied for directly from the

Department of the Registrar-GeneralP.O. Box 30031-00100Nairobi, KenyaTel: +254-20-2227461Website:

Please note that the certificate must be legalized by the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and subsequently by the Swiss Embassy in Nairobi for it to be acceptable to the Swiss authorities.



Canine or Feline Import Licence for Dogs and Cats

To import a dog or cat into Kenya we require the following:

  • A formal letter indicating the importers name and address
  • Current Health Certificate from a Veterinary doctor
  • A fee of chf 70 payable to the Kenya Mission Account

 Conditions For Importing A Canine Or Feline Animal Into Kenya

  1. No canine or feline animal shall be imported into Kenya from any country unless:
  1. The animal is accompanied by the certificate of a veterinary surgeon, signed not more than five (5) days prior to the date of departure from the country of origin, certifying that the animal is free from clinical symptoms of any contagious or infectious disease.
  2. (i) The animal is accompanied by a valid Rabies vaccination certificate stating-
  • the type, manufacturer and Batch No. of the vaccine;
  • the apparent age of the animal at the time of vaccination;
  • the date of vaccination.

(ii) Animals vaccinated against Rabies less than six (6) months prior to arrival in Kenya must also be accompanied by a certificate signed by a Government Veterinary Officer of the country of origin stating that there has been no case of Rabies within 30 miles of the place of origin of the animal within the preceding six months.

  1. The animal is accompanied by a certificate from the Captain of the ship or aircraft in which the animal travelled to Kenya certifying that the animal has not left the aircraft between the place of embarkation and the place of entry into Kenya, and has been isolated from all other canine and feline animals throughout the Journey.
  2. Any animal arriving in Kenya without the certificates  stated above will be kept in  quarantine, at the expenses of  the owner, for up to six (6) months with the exception that:
  1. Dogs and cats, imported directly from AustraIia, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden or the United Kingdom, need not have certificates as per para. 1 (b) above
  2.  Animals in transit for less than 48 hours need not have certificates as per para. 1 (b) above, but will be kept in isolation, at the owners expense, during this period. Such animals will only be allowed to leave Kenya by air or sea.
  1. The arrival of any animal entering Kenya other than by sea at Mombasa or by air at Nairobi must be reported to the nearest veterinary office within three (3) days of arrival

4.Validity of Rabies Vaccines - A certificate of Rabies vaccination is valid for all canines which are over the age of six months at vaccination and for all felines which are over the age of four months at vaccination, for the period specified, providing that one of the following approved vaccines has been used:

  1. a) Phenolized (inactivated) vaccine:

 Canines And Felines: One Month To 12 Months, Post Vaccination.

  1. b) Living Avianized vaccine (Flury or Kelev strain)

Canines: One month to 36 months, post vaccination.

Felines: One month to 12 months, post vaccination

Special requirements:

Live Animals: Prior import permit required: Health certificate required not older that ten (10) days before date of dispatch. Prior advice to veterinary department, Nairobi, for any inspection on arrival. Import permits for dogs and cats obtained from Kenya embassies and Missions.

Dogs: Additional Rabies Inoculation Certificate approved by World Health organizations


Any National of the Republic of Kenya resident in Switzerland, whether lawfully or irregularly, who may be experiencing any form of distress is advised to contact the Mission in any way possible whether by telephone, E-mail, letter, through a friend, relative, Swiss or other Mission authorities or to physically present at the Mission in order to seek guidance. The Mission encourages Kenya nationals to share information, both private and personal including opportunities for personal advancement. Information should be shared about Kenyans in situations of success and prosperity as much as about those who might be undergoing personal challenges, financial stress, under arrest, in police custody, Prison, jail, detention, facing court cases and other forms of prosecution, unlawful presence, irregular Immigration status, deportation or any form of removal, heightened disputes, Imminent threat or danger to their safety and security, any form of bondage including debt bondage and other forms of slavery and inhuman treatment etc.

The Mission is readily available to discuss, advice, issue guidance or, and intervene as lawfully appropriate.



In the event of an emergency or a security situation, Kenya nationals are advised to immediately do the following:

  1. Keep away from the zone of insecurity so as to ensure personal safety and security.
  2. Co-operate fully with the lawful authorities in charge of the situation and follow/comply with their instructions and advice.
  3. Immediately inform your family, relatives, friends and other Kenyans known to you who are likely to be in the vicinity of the zone of insecurity and advise them to keep away from the affected area.
  4. Call and inform your family, relatives and friends both in Kenya and Switzerland and inform them of your situation. This will avoid unnecessary panic and give the people who treasure you the peace of mind.
  5. Get in touch with the Mission and ask for necessary assistance, more information and next steps in ensuring your welfare.
  6. Keep in touch with and abreast of developments as relayed by relevant lawful authorities while continuously asking the Mission for guidance.



 If you wish to apply for any of the documents mentioned here below, the relevant fee is to be first transferred into the Mission’s bank account (mentioning the type of document you are applying for and your name). 

A cover letter/explanatory note with your full contact details and proof of payment is to be included in the application. 

If the application is in person the applicant is advised to make an appointment.

When applying for a document that is issued by the authorities in Kenya (e.g. "Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage"), verify with the Swiss authorities whether they want this document to be legalized.  If this is the case, you will need to have the document legalized by the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Ministry ("Legal Division") and subsequently by the Swiss Embassy in Nairobi. (This service is not provided by the Mission in Geneva).